An augmented reality food ordering system

Solo Project

June 2015 - July 2015 ( 4 weeks )



By visualizing the scenarios of ordering food, it becomes obvious what kinds of problems that a customer could possibly enocounter.

Have no idea what is food is, or what to order
Too spicy or too sweet
Enter a restaurant
Don't know what's our companion's preference when we share food
wait for too long, and have no idea when the food will be ready
The food is total different than we expect, such as too big or small

What if there is a solution to all these problems

No nutrition


too small

What to share

Too sweet

Too spicy

Wait too long

Research Process



I went to many restaurants and ordered food in different restaurant in order to well understand the different types of ordering methods used in various restaurants. And I also observe my friends ordering process, in order to detect the possible service gaps



I talked to people about the problems and inconvinience that they met, and I found out that the food appeance, health related issues, and the unwareness of which food is highly commented and what is the good choice for all the people when share foods are their main concerns.



In order to better clearify the possible scenarios that customers might encounter during ordering process, I drew several key scenes with story board, so it becomes clear what problems could possible happen, as well as how and when.

Research Analysis


After the research, I used a thematic network to list all the elements that customers concern about the food they order. And I also vitualize the whole process of the food ordering process. To find out what aspects should be improved.


Augmented reality ordering system

This augmented reality system uses a kinect to sense user’s gesture as the input control, and utilizes a projector as output to project relevant image back to the table, so that the user would not only be able to interact with the manu, but could also clearly know what to share with others and how the dish would look like in the reality. 

User Interface Flow

What to order for dinner ?


Have you ever experienced the moment that in a restaurant, you have no idea what to order for your dinner? Even though there are so many options, we don’t know what is the highest evaluated cuisine in this restaurant, or the food turns out to be quite different from what we expect. Especially sometimes when we share food, it is even harder for us to find the food that we both like. Ordering food sometimes becomes an embarrassing moment, which is supposed to be a nice one.



Thematic Network

Customers' Concerns about ordering food

The process of food ordering


The total American spend 200825 years on food ordering every year, but is it a good experience?

Video Presentation

Further Consideration

  • The interactive table surface becomes a screen, which discloses many potential possibilities.

  • the table could support users to play simple video games like Pong with each other, killing the waiting time for dishes. 

  • The screen could also display Ads to help restaurants to get additional profits.

play game with friends

Pong Game